Tarot Empowerment Therapy

Having the privilege to ignite a healing spark and facilitate expansion in the minds of the amazing humans I work with, has given me a unique perspective on therapy in general.  I have studied many forms of therapy, however, not through academic institutions.  Combine that with study and experience of the many healing traditions of the world – indigenous, religious, philosophical, spiritual – it becomes clear that a balance of these systems is needed.  While some forms of therapy are progressing to include a connection to the sacred, there are many outdated models. 

These different traditions merge naturally in tarot therapy, which accelerates the healing response.  The tarot is a distillation of therapeutic styles.  It’s an optical language that provides the tarologist and the client with a unique awareness of the currents of mind.  The visuals stimulate a conversation that has a profound, dual ability to heal.  When we see pictures that represent or affirm what we are feeling, how we are stuck, why we are fearful, we aren’t as quick to ignore them or to take as much time addressing the condition that needs attention. 

Of course the tarot as a modality evokes certain imagery itself!  It has a history of being a fortune-telling device.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  The tarot works under the laws of quantum physics and is a genuine form of empowerment.  It inspires the clients, not to see the negative in themselves, but to see the opportunity to grow, to move forward from a condition that is no longer serving their highest vision.  It does not linger on a conversation about why, but suggests the way to immediate liberation. 

Many people I work with express a desire to approach therapy in a new way. They know their questions require a creative and inspiring approach.  Tarot sessions are definitely a fascinating alternative, and one that fills the client with a renewed sense of wonder. 

After requests and suggestions, I’m now offering packages of tarot therapy.  Click here to view these offerings.