The Sacred Expanse offerings promote healing on the soul level, uniting the empowering methods from several ancient wisdom traditions. 

We often become weighed down by the demanding routines of daily life, culture and family, suppressing our natural creative expression and joy.   Women have especially taken on roles imposed upon them from decades of oppression.  We’ve lost our connection to the earth and cosmos.  We are living in a special time that is calling us to align ourselves with our true and liberated nature, and to reconnect with the earth, moon and sun.  Bringing forward this potent and joyful expansiveness is challenging when you aren’t sure how to proceed!  Mentorship and guidance in a nurturing environment is a magical way to explore these skills that manifest your full potential, without having to change or better yourself. 


Michelle Mae Orr is a modern, mystical practitioner and intuitive spiritual advisor.  She spent the past 10 years exploring awareness practices, therapy systems and healing at the Washington Center of Consciousness Studies, under the tutelage of Rudy and Sharon Bauer, delving into study, application and experience of the diverse mystic traditions of the east and west.  She has been initiated into several Tibetan buddhist practices by great Tibetan Lamas and Indian saints.  She has delved deeply into these ceremonial, cosmic practices in addition to many indigenous traditional methodologies, shamanism, and modern psychology therapies.  These are combined with her knowledge of meditation and yoga, subtle energy body healing and engaging with the dynamic world of the mineral and plant kingdoms.  This creates the foundation from which The Sacred Expanse offerings have evolved.  

"I use the empowering and therapeutic art of tarot in my guidance, which is a fascinating and unique way to assist you in expanding your self-awareness, to clarify your current life conditions for positive and radical self acceptance, to open the mental and spiritual channels that guide you into making clear and positive decisions in your life. My guidance and our conversation will lead to an understanding of what old patterns and behaviors are keeping you from experiencing the life you want to live.  Tarot is an optical language of consciousness.  It operates through symbol, myth and archetypes, outside of the rational parts of our mind, beyond the intellect and societal conditioning. It is a tool to expand the sacredness of our being, a therapy to empower and inspire.  I look forward to working with you!"

As a yoga instructor at the E-RYT level and meditation and retreat guide, Michelle has served DC residents since 2006.  She has trained and certified many of DC’s currently teaching yoga teachers.  Before moving towards a dedicated lifestyle as a guide, Michelle was a full-time musician. She spent time in bands, The Frumpies, The Make-up and Weird War that toured the world from 1993 - 2006.  She says music is her calling as an artist, but feels moved to help people expand their sense of sacred awareness, so she finds a healthy balance between the two as much as possible, making music an intrinsic part of her life, continuing to tour with The Make-up here and there.